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 mistakes that you must avoid on my empire

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PostSubject: mistakes that you must avoid on my empire   Mon May 31, 2010 3:39 pm

1. Upgrading the mill, quarry and mine at the wrong time.
The best time to upgrade them is AFTER we have collected the resources. Any other time is a bad time as the clock resets and we will need another 24 hours to collect the resources.

2. Buying blue huts, compact lodges and brick houses.
I was under the impression that with more population there will be more income. And when the guy at the top right corner says, “build more houses”, it should be good advice. Oh boy, was I wrong. Yes, we get more income but it is so insignificant that the money would have been better spent at “research”.
Furthermore, I had to demolish all of them once I reached the level where I was able to buy marble mansion.
10000 population – 184 coins for 5-min tax
20000 population – 189 coins for 5-min tax
30000 population – 195 coins for 5-min tax

3. Building village pavements and roads. A waste of money (with the exception of the free village road).

4. Buying Town Bath. Will be demolishing it and use the space for royal bath.

5. Buying Village Workshop, Blacksmith. Will be demolishing and replacing with royal buildings.

6. Building a second Wonder when my first was not completed. I still have not completed any Wonder.

7. Not clicking on the tick button when building Wonder. We needed to click that tick button to use the resources when building Wonder.

8. Focusing on Fame and Happiness instead of Money.
Fame & happiness can be easily by building free buildings, demolishing them and building again. However, the objective of the game is not to level up fast. Otherwise, once you reach level 50 it is game over. Money on the other hand is difficult to come by. The most profitable way of earning money is to add new friends and clicking on the taxman. Visiting friends and helping friends to build free buildings will also give us coins (but not much).

9. Not demolishing the free buildings sooner.
When a building is demolished, we only lose the happiness associated with it. The fame is not affected. But by having a new building, we get happiness and fame. The reason for the demolition is because of limited space.
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mistakes that you must avoid on my empire
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