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 Strategy notes

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PostSubject: Strategy notes   Mon May 31, 2010 3:38 pm

Strategy notes :
1. In my empire fame is everything if you want to level up fast, so do everything that you can to increase fame.
a. Buy buildings
b. Research
c. Buy houses
If you have lots of money but you don’t buy anything, your fame won’t increase. Fame is basically your experience. So if you don’t increase fame, you can’t level up. Hovering over your Fame points will show you how much more fame you need.

2. what is the easiest way to gain happiness on my empire ?
Publish the free buildings! They are free and they only need a few friends to help you.. Right now I am constantly publishing the City court, which gives 300 happiness and only needs 8 people to click it. There is no limit to the number of city courts or other buildings you have. The happiness WILL STACK. Fame will stack too. So I suggest save your money to buy houses.

3. Why do I have to increase my empire population?
An increase in population will increase the money you get from the tax collector. Right now I have 2000+ people, and there’s a little note at the tax collector area that says that my tax will increase when I reach 4000 people. So I’m working on that.

4. Is it better to get a tax collector that gets tax every 5 minutes or every 12 hours ?
You will get more money if you claim tax every 5 minutes. The shorter the interval the better. But if you don’t have time to play like this, get the tax collector depending on your schedule.

5. Not enough room for more decorations on my empire

Pavements are a great way to utilize space. Placing a pavement first, then placing any size decor or building over a pavement will utilize lesser space but get you more fame. This tip will probably be used more by people who are further along in the game. I think it’s still better to save money for buildings, research and house.

Now, take note that i said PAVEMENT, NOT ROAD. Roads, may look like pavements, but just like real roads, you CANNOT place things over it. Even decor that just cover 1 tile, cannot be placed over 1 tile of ROAD. So be sure to check what you are buying.

Another note is that Roads are not necessary in game. People can “get around” just fine with or without roads.. Roads are just another kind of decor that contributes some fame and happiness.

6. Ways to make money in my empire :
- Tax collecting – the most basic ways to make money in the game.
- Visiting neighbors – First visit gives 500 coins, Next visits give less, but money is money
- daily logging in – every day, the game gives out coins.. so make sure to log in at least once a day.
- Hall – upgrading your hall increases your tax by a small but somewhat significant percentage
- Market – upgrading your market increases the amount of money you get from visiting friends
- Helping people build their free buildings – keep an eye out for people posting feeds. helping gives 50 bucks! If they post another feed, help again! I’m sure they’d appreciate your help too.
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Strategy notes
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