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 Collectibles Breakdown

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PostSubject: Collectibles Breakdown    Thu Jul 08, 2010 3:53 pm

Collectibles are broken into 5 categories on the Menu. Once you collect enough of one item it can be traded for an upgraded item which will give you more money when clicked on. Items start out at $25 Zoo Dollars per Click (or Shake) and 3 of any item can be traded for 1 of the next level's item. This continues and each trade gives you an item that yields more money per click or shake. Collectibles must be earned as gifts either from Neighbors or Live feed.

  • Flowering Trees - Pear, Jasminum Sambac, Crab Apple, and Pomegranate Trees. Example - 3 Pear Trees ($25 Per Click) can be traded for 1 Jasminum Sambac Trees ($100 Per Click) which can be traded for Crab apple trees which can be traded for Pomegranate Trees. NOTE - Pear trees must be gifted to you from Neighbors as they are an unlimited gift.
  • Lush Trees - Oak, Red Oak and Maple Trees. Oak ($25 Per click/shake) 3 Oaks can be traded for 1 Red Oak ($100 Per Click/Shake) These can only be acquired through mystery gifts from visiting your Neighbor's Zoos looking for Treasure.
  • Baby Topiary - Baby Giraffes ($25 per Click/Shake) 3 Giraffes can be traded for 1 Lion ($100 per Click/Shake) progressing to Bear, Elephant and Camel. (Baby Giraffes can only be found in the live feeds.)
  • Sculptures - Frogs ($25 Per Click/Shake) 3 Frogs can be traded for 1 Monkey Sculpture ($100 Per Click/Shake) progressing to 3 Monkeys for a Dolphin. Sculpture are found in Mystery gifts and shared with Friends on the live feeds.
  • Wrenches - See above.
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Collectibles Breakdown
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