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 adoptable feed animals

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PostSubject: adoptable feed animals   Sun Jun 27, 2010 10:23 pm

This is a current list, as of 27 JUN 10 of the animals that are adoptable from the feed. If the animal is NOT on the list, then it can be purchased from the store. There are a ton of wonderful people out there who go the extra mile to post feed animals to share. HOWEVER...we all need to educate ourselves on what they can actually provide instead of just begging for animals available for purchase.

Spanish Lynx
Beluga Whale
Great White Pelican
Tasmanian Devil
Blue Jay
Snow Leopard
fennec fox
sundra loris
yellow mongoose
honey badger
white tiger
speckled bear
leather back sea turtle
ruffed lemur
Scottish Highland sheep
Great Egret
Blue-Billed Fire Finch
Red-Bellied Wallaby
Red Uakari
Blue Crab
Coconut crab
Prairie Dog
Black Panther
African Wild Dog
dik dik
white tailed deer
white rhino
harbor porpoise
Luna Moth
Water Moccasin
Malayan Tapir
Fairy Bluebird
Ladybug, Sand Cat, Glass Frog, and Blue Crowned Motmot were only available by trading & hatching the eggs for the Mother's Day promo.

Marsupial Frog, Phalarope, South American Marmoset, Hardhead Catfish, and Big-Belly Seahorse were BRIEFLY available from the feed during the Father's Day promo. Limit was 10 per day.

Peregrine Falcon, Purple Needletail Swift, and Gyrafalcon are unlocked for purchase by leveling in racing.

If an animal is not on the above list (or part of a promo/racing)....check the shop. If you don't see it, you probably have not leveled high enough in xp and/or racing to unlock that particular animal.

Most of us like helping each other, and I know I'm often willing to loan someone an animal to "unlock" it for purchase in the store. I've even been known to simply gift a purchasable animal if I have extra. That being said, it is not the responsibility of your zoomates to provide you with free animals that you are able to purchase, nor should you expect them too. We have all faced "leveling" and what a pain it can be....but we've clicked to collect those treasures so we can make our zoo the best it can be. If someone offers to help, that's different. But don't expect to keep zoomates or continue to get help if you keep publishing a laundry list of shop animals that you want people to give you instead of you having to make the effort to buy (or to breed for more).

Zoo, like the other games on Facebook, means working together. It gets frustrating to see things you wish you had at times, but that is part of the game. Please be respectful and appreciative of your zoomates. And for those who go the distance...Sheila Pollack, Ron Shoaff, Rhino White and many others....a HUGE thank you.

Please share this info with others so that we can all get along.
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adoptable feed animals
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