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 The Greenhouse Guide

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PostSubject: The Greenhouse Guide   Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:29 pm

The greenhouse does count towards the tree shaking trophy. That's why the devs made it. (Due to a glitch it doesn't do that all the time. Hope they fix it fast).

Everyone level 5 and above is awarded a free starter greenhouse frame that is in your storage under “Buildables” waiting to be placed on an island.

Start by placing your first(free)basic frame in your zoo. You can buy more in the shop once you've finished the first one for $10.000 under "Buildables".

Then start collecting all the needed materials. Meaning accept them as gifts from your friends. When you accept a gift they go directly to your greenhouse, NOT to your storage. Move your mouse over your greenhouse and click on the red bar that opens up and you can see what you have and what you still need. *NEW* You can see all your accepted gifts in the shop under buildables.
If you accept more than the needed materials, it will be stored for the next greenhouse you build. They won't be stored in your storage though, just in the database of your acc. The gifts won't be lost. Don't forget to hit the Thank You Gift button. That's the easiest way to send stuff back.

Not every person has all 3 material types(planting pots, glass pillars, glass panes). You get a random 2 of the 3. (Like the starting animals). So find a friend on your list who has the missing part and exchange with them.

How to get the table:
You can collect one table every 8 hours(zoo considers 8 hours one day, since most people do have a real life besides zoo) when you visit your friend's zoos and click on their greenhouse. Not every greenhouse gives you a table. Sometimes you have to try more zoos.
All the other tables you have to get from the feed posts of your friends. One post is limited to 10 persons, so only 10 people will get one. Some posts are gone within seconds and others are still valid after one day. So it's worth to go back on new friend's walls to look for these posts. If it is already gone please leave a comment stating so. That way they can delete it and nobody else needs to click it only to find out that it's gone.

You can post a table yourself when you find one in other zoos (click their greenhouses), when you finished building a bronze greenhouse(pop-up within your zoo, not always though) and when you are done upgrading the greenhouses(Pop-up will show from home tab).

The bronze green house can hold 15 trees. Will shake for $375 for others if fully loaded.

The silver green house can hold 50 trees. Will shake for $1250 x2 for others if fully loaded.

The gold green house can hold 155 trees.Will shake for $3875 x3 for others if fully loaded.

The better houses can hold more trees and they have a multiplier. They can hold 5 more trees than the 3 houses combined for each level. After gold there is no better house.

If you help other people with the upgrading process, you even get a nice collectible tree as reward, e.g. a crab apple tree

or a maple tree.

The upgrading process is like any collectible.

You need 3 of the bronze to upgrade to silver. You have to click the "upgrade" button in the shop under Buildables and post the pop-up. 10 people have to help you now (click your post). You can see the current status in the shop where you clicked for the upgrade.

*NEW*Re-posting the upgrade has been fixed and is now unlimited.
Remember that facebook only allows about 25 postings to the feed per day/per app. It will still be on your wall, just not on the feed, if you exceed that number. So don't waste it on reposts, write a status asking for help instead. You still can't upgrade more than 1 house at the same time. So even if you have 6 bronze you have to complete the first upgrade before you can do the next. If you repost, people can only help on one of the links.

Once it is done the 3 bronze become the one silver greenhouse and all trees will be in the new house. You get another table to post. The 3 bronze houses disappear from your zoo and the new silver house will be in your storage. To get more silver houses to upgrade to gold, you need to build more bronze houses to upgrade them as well. So this will take a while.

You can put any tree inside the greenhouse that you can buy in the shop for zoo dollars only, You can not put collectibles, x-mas, halloween, willow or wlp trees in it.

To put the trees inside the greenhouse, you have to be in storage mode. Then just place the trees at the same spot where the house is.
The shaking value of the trees is added up and you get the whole amount for shaking your own greenhouse.

The silver greenhouse multiplies the value of the trees inside by 2.
The gold greenhouse multiplies the value of the trees inside by 3.
I filled the gold house with 155 earth trees, so now it shakes for $232,500 for me. Once they are in the house they are deducted from the number shown in the shop. They are not lost or deleted. You can still move them back out of the house and you will find them back in your storage.

Trees and plants/flowers:
small tree (shakes for $10)
Daisies (shake for $25 and possible bee)
Pansies (shake for $25 and possible bee)
Zinnias (shake for $25 and possible bee)
Poenies (shake for $25 and possible bee)
Wildflowers (shake for $25 and possible bee)
big tree (shakes for $25)
aloe plant (shakes for $25)
heart tree (shakes for $25)
easter tree (shakes for $100)
earth day tree (shakes for $500)
Willow Tree (shakes for $1000) cost 25 WLP

When filling the greenhouse with trees, be careful to really place them on the ground square of the greenhouse. Otherwise some trees get hidden behind the house and you have to move the house to find the lost tree. Also sometimes it says it is full, but it isn't. So after that message, check if it is really full.

Since there were a lot of uncertainties on how much people get when they shake the greenhouses:
Its pretty easy to calculate.
For visitors, trees only shake $25 no matter what kind(well small trees shake $10 for visitors).
Take the number of trees inside the house and multiply it by $25 and then multiply by [x3 for gold, x2 for silber, x1 for bronze]. That's what visitors get.

For yourself you have to take the number of each tree inside the house times the shaking value of the tree times [x3 for gold, x2 for silber, x1 for bronze]. Shaking value is listed in my note about the greenhouse.
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The Greenhouse Guide
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