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 Workaround to get into your zoo

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PostSubject: Workaround to get into your zoo   Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:17 pm

A lot of people can't get into their zoos. The "loading, Please wait" will just stay there forever and nothing happens.

To access your shop use the direct link to the shop. There you can buy the new memorial day stuff and the animals:

To access your zoo
Click on the link of ANY animal in the Zoo Info - Animal Info chart that is NOT on your LAST island. This will take you directly to the animal on which ever island it is on, usually it's only the last island that keeps you from accessing your zoo.
Another workaround that works for most people. It is important that you follow the steps exactly as posted below. DON'T take any shortcuts or it won't work.

1. Choose a friend that has 10 islands from the old VisitFriends Tab:
(or just take mine: https://apps.facebook.com/playzoo/zoo/visitZoo.php?fb_force_mode=fbml&zooOwnerId=100001073831686)

2. Click on the stork, so you get into breeding.
While you are here, feed your babies and put new ones in the nests.

3. Click the little house in the top right corner that says "back to your zoo".
You end up in your zoo. It still looks like your friends zoo, but don't worry yet.

4. Click on your first island.
Now all islands but the last one are your islands. The islands will look different, because the maps are still your friends maps, but all the animals on it are yours.
Feed the treats, collect the gates, shows and wrenches. Answer the daily question.
You even might be able to access your storage that way and place new items on the islands.
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Workaround to get into your zoo
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