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PostSubject: ADDING ZOOMATES - MAINTAINING PRIVACY   Sat Jun 26, 2010 9:16 pm

What do you do when you need more zoomates, but you don't want to share all your personal information with strangers?

1. Create a list: Go to ACCOUNT, EDIT FRIENDS. Up top click CREATE NEW LIST. Enter a name for your game friends list and select any current friends you want included in the list.

2. Change privacy settings: Go to ACCOUNT, PRIVACY SETTINGS. Click the link towards the bottom center that says CUSTOMIZE SETTINGS and toggle the switches to decide who can see what. *Make sure your game group can see "Posts by me".

For a particular lists settings you want to select CUSTOMIZE. Under HIDE THIS FROM type the name of the list you created. This will hide that particular information from them when they look at your profile.

3. Add Zoo Friends: When adding new friends to a list DO NOT add them directly from the little pop up friend request at the top of your home page. Instead go to REQUESTS on the left hand side and click the friend requests. This will enable you to add people to a list at the same time as accepting them.

4. Test it out: One feature on FB I really like is the ability to see your profile the way someone else does. Go to ACCOUNT, PRIVACY SETTINGS, CUSTOMIZE SETTINGS. Top right, click PREVIEW MY PROFILE. Type in a name to see what your profile looks like to them. Make sure it's someone added to the list you created. It's pretty self explanatory from there.

*TIP* This can also be helpful if you don't want your non gaming friends to see your game posts. When posting a wall post click the LOCK next to the PUBLISH button. From this window you can choose who can see or not see the post. In this case you would want to "make it visible to": Toggle the switch to SPECIFIC PEOPLE and type in the name of your game group.

*You can also add someone to more then one group so if you have a close friend that plays a game they can still see your profile and the info you have blocked from others while still seeing your game posts.
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