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 How to send multiple gifts to the same friend!

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PostSubject: How to send multiple gifts to the same friend!   Thu May 27, 2010 3:53 pm

1. Open multiple tabs to the send gift page on your zoo.....however many gifts you want to send the same person.

2. Click on the gift you want to send and click on the green send gift button....do this step on each tab.

3. Now go to each tab and select the friend you want to send it to.

4. On each tab now click on the send button to bring up the send popup...each tab must be kept at he same stage.

5. Once all tabs are ready to send then go through and send them all.


It is important to select the friend in each tab BEFORE sending any gift or their name will disappear and you cannot send any more gifts.

I have tried this with 3 different people with various gifts and it works.

You are still limited to the number of gifts allowed to be sent by each app.(currently 30)
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PostSubject: Re: How to send multiple gifts to the same friend!   Mon Jun 28, 2010 1:14 am

Thank you Pete Smile

Just a quick reminder: Please make sure you have all the apps that work with Zoo gifts. If you don`t, either add them now, or allow at the moment you receiving the animal/gift Smile

It is not the first time that someone refuses an expensive loaned animal, under the grounds: "Oh, so sorry... it was asking me to allow to retrieve information about my fb account, so I didn`t allow it..."
and the animal is then lost! Sad

Here is a quick identification of each one of them and their direct links:

Zoo World – https://apps.facebook.com/playzoo/zoo/giftAnimals.php?fb_force_mode=fbml

Likeness – https://apps.facebook.com/likeness/zoo/giftAnimals.php?fb_force_mode=fbml

Live – https://apps.facebook.com/superwall/zoo/giftAnimals.php?fb_force_mode=fbml

Hug Me – https://apps.facebook.com/doittome/zoo/giftAnimals.php?fb_force_mode=fbml

Horoscope – https://apps.facebook.com/horoscopes/zoo/giftAnimals.php?fb_force_mode=fbml

Birthday - https://apps.facebook.com/rybirthday/zoo/giftAnimals.php?fb_force_mode=fbml

PS: As explained, this will only work once for the same person so if you want to send 5 gifts then set up 5 tabs

Thank you and Happy Zooing! Smile

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How to send multiple gifts to the same friend!
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