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 Ways to get Free Zoo World Points

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PostSubject: Ways to get Free Zoo World Points   Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:55 am

Wildlife Points
There are a few ways to collect Wildlife Points. These points can be used in the Shop to purchase Ultra Rare animals, Breeding Specialist, Special Trees, or Special Maps for your Zoo. It can also be used to play the Zoo Lotto available from the game's "Home" tab to win additional Wildlife Points, or consolation cash prizes.

Please note that anything that requires Wildlife Points to purchase are NOT NECESSARY to play or complete the game. Some item like animals and maps might help you attract more visitors, but it's not something more regular animals couldn't do. And as we covered in the Breeding post, the Breeding Specialist is hardly worth the cost. But if you want to add Ultra Rare animals to your zoo to make it special, go right ahead. The Ultra Rares are also breedable, but require additional Wildlife Points to breed them.

Completing Achievements

One Wildlife Points is rewarded for completing each cchievement the game (it used to be one for each level completed. So earlier players like myself didn't accumulate as many WildLife Points). Check the Achievements post for a complete list.

Mastering Breeding

Update: As of January 11, 2010, the developers added another way to earn Wildlife Points to the game. The breeding system has changed, and you can now earn Wildlife Points by breeding your animals and achieving trophies in escalating ranks of Mastery. The number of Wildlife Points rewards will vary depending on the difficulty of the animal, and the rank you achieve. Check the Breeding post for more information.


Visit your Zoo, and there will be a Trophy icon that leads you to your trophy room. You'll see how far along you're on each of the trophies. Each mastery level will yield you wilflife Points. check the Trophies and Zoo Upgrades page for more.

Check the Daily Deal

Become a fan of Zoo on Facebook and check the "Daily Deal" under the Home tab. Sometimes it might reward you with a couple of Wildlife Points.

Answer the Fan Page Quiz

Become a fan of Zoo World on Facebook, and you can answer their quizes for a chance to win wildlife Points or Zoo Dollars. Quizes are usually posted Monday to Friday around 12pm PST, and you answer it by posting in the comments. The first to answer correctly will receive 5 Wildlife Points, 2nd place will $25,000 Zoo Dollars.

Facebook Surveys and Offers

Other ways to get Wildlife Points include the standard Facebook Apps affair: You can purchase them from the developer, or complete select surveys or online offers. These options are available under the "Wildlife Points" tab. (These are not guaranteed by myself)
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Ways to get Free Zoo World Points
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