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 New Nursery Animals

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PostSubject: New Nursery Animals    Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:03 pm

With the Nursery Barn now pumping out new animals, we figured it would be best to make a post on how this works and the latest new animals.

All rare Farm Cash Foals and Calfs, grow up into one of the NEW 5 animals (Groovy Cow not yet confirmed as out!) this avoids the issue of someone getting a free Kelly Green calf and growing it into what was a Farm Cash Kelly Green Cow adult. Once your Calf or Foal “grows up” you LOSE THAT CALF OR FOAL!
Cream Clydesdale and Foal
Groovy Cow and Calf
Holstein Cow andCalf
Light Blue Pony and Pony Foal
Black Horse and Foal
Chocolate Cow and Calf
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New Nursery Animals
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