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 Use this to complete ur stove in 5-10 mins

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PostSubject: Use this to complete ur stove in 5-10 mins   Thu Jun 24, 2010 5:55 pm

Have you finished building your lightning stove ? If not, then this is for you…. Build it in 5-10 mins approx………..

Now I’m assuming that you know how to ask for the parts to build a Lightning Stove and that you know where it’ll be after you’re done. You can only build one for now….. ….So, the ….

1st Step : First, you need to ask your neighbors for a stove part (flux, coil, book, tube) if you haven’t already, to build your first lightning stove. Any part will do. You only need to accept 1 & not 40 for this method. Yay!!!!

2nd Step: When you see that a stove part has been sent in your CW mail, DO NOT CLICK ON IT. Go to your Facebook News feed first and click on the CW gift requests on the right side. Look for the stove gift that you just received.

3rd Step: After you locate it, ACCEPT IT. A page will open saying that you have accepted a flux/book/coil/tube . *DO NOT CLOSE IT (the page) & do not click on the Yes button below it.*

Science Book
4th Step: Now I want you to copy the URL in the address box in that page and paste it, either in a Word document or a Note pad, so you don’t accidentally lose it. Its pretty long….
& it will look something like this ……..

but you need to only work with the 4 digit no. in red…… leave the rest as is…. & don’t use the link above , its jus’ an example….

5th Step: Next, come back to the page where you accepted the stove part. Click on the refresh/reload button in your browser 10 times to make sure you receive all 10. The page should not show an error message. If it does, then it prolly didn’t work.
The next step will call for a little URL manipulation but its not that difficult, I promise…..

6th Step: Repeat step 5 for each stove part after replacing the 4 digit red no# (a.k.a gid#) as shown in step 4, in the url box itself. The gid# are as follows,
For, FLUX SWITCH= 1833, VACUUM TUBE= 1834, SCIENCE BOOK= 1835, TESLA COIL= 1836…..
Remember to Refresh/Reload 10 times for each part….
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PostSubject: Re: Use this to complete ur stove in 5-10 mins   Thu Jun 24, 2010 8:19 pm

Great work on this!! Something I discovered during the super stove frenzy that seems to be holding true for the lightning super stoves ... (tested about 5 minutes ago) makes this even easier.

In short you don't need 10 of everything. You just need 40 of *anything* -- The 'stock' won't change - You'll have 10 of something, and 0 of anything else. However, the percent complete will increase. I currently have a stove that's 45% complete, with 10 tesla coils and *no other parts*

If thre's some deeper programming reason not to do this please let me know! But it seems that reloading the page 40 times would be easier than changing the part id number. Smile
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Use this to complete ur stove in 5-10 mins
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