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 zoo breeding

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lizz stanley

lizz stanley

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PostSubject: zoo breeding   Thu Jun 24, 2010 1:28 pm

All Rare (3-Star Rarity) and Ultra Rare (4-Star Rarity) animals are breedable. You can also see which animals are breedable in the Shop by mousing over the animal. If it is breedable, you might want to purchase two immediately.

You will need the following in order to breed an animal:
* 1 Breeding House (available under "Support" in the Shop)
* 1 Vet (unlocked after acquiring 15 animals)
* 2 Breedable Animals of the same Species.

You also might need an Animal Hospital if you don't feed your baby in time and it gets sick (also available under "Support" in the shop).

Parallel breeding is now available. This means you can now breed more than one of the same species at a time, provided you own enough multiples of two for that animal. (i.e. 4 Eagles mean you can breed 2 babies at a time. 6 Eagles means you can breed 3 babies at a time, etc.)

Please note that you DO NOT NEED a Breeding Specialist to breed an animal. So don't stress out that you might need Wildlife Points to play the game. In fact, each Breeding Specialist only adds one additional breeding cage. So it is hardly worth the purchase. You have a default of three breeding cages right away. and if you want to add more, the easiest way is to recruit more Zoo Mates (look further down for explanation)

Sometimes, after you breed, you may also be required to upgrade the cage in order to house the additional animal. The same thing happens when you purchase more animals then the current cage can handle.

Important: Breeding times are in REAL-TIME!!! Not Zoo time!
When an animal has a breeding time of 48 hours for example, that means the baby will arrive in 2 Earth days. It doesn't matter how often you're playing the game, or even on facebook or not.

Growth Formula

You may also notice a button under your currently breeding animal that asks you to post when your baby needs food. Clicking this will allow the game to post a notice to your Facebook wall and your news feed. If someone else playing the game clicks on this notice to feed your baby when required, and you or someone else has not fed the baby yet, then that player is rewarded with either Zoo cash, or a growth formula which can decrease the breeding time of one animal by 25%. Vice versa for you if you feed a friend's baby animal. This can be very helpful, especially when breeding animals that take a long time. 25% off a 120hr animal is 90hrs!!

Zoo Mates

For every three Zoo Mates you have, one additional breeding cages becomes available for you to use in the game. You can have 5 more additional breeding cages this way, totaling 8 cages. To recruit Zoo Mates, click the "unlock nests (recruit zoo mates)" link in the "Breeding" tab, or under the "Race" tab, then click the "Invite" link near the top right.

To breed an animal, go to the "Breed" tab and mouse over the animal you wish to breed. It will then tell how many you currently own and have already bred, incubation time and what trophy level you're current on. It will also show how many of this animal you've bred on this mastery level, and how many in total you need to get to the next. The total number of animals needed will vary between animals, and increase as you progress through each mastery level. And finally, it also tells you how many Wildlife Points you will receive for completing the current mastery level. This again varies by animal, and also changed depending on what mastery level you are completing.

You will notice under each animal, there is a cost for breeding, a difficulty rating, as well as a Mastery status bar. This tells you how far along you are in achieving the current trophy. There are 5 trophies: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Adamantium. You will get Wildlife Points for completing each rank. The reward will depend on the difficulty level of the animal, and the rank you achieve. Please note that these rewards are not retro-active. That means you will not be rewarded for animals you have bred before this change to the trophy system took place.

When you're ready to breed, click on the "Breed" button below the animal, and follow the pop-up window to start.
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zoo breeding
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