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 Borrowing and RETURNING Animals Rules

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PostSubject: Borrowing and RETURNING Animals Rules   Wed Jun 23, 2010 5:09 pm

Borrowing and RETURNING AnimalsShare by Wendy M. Fletcher: https://www.facebook.com/IsntLifeWendyful
Today at 5:37pm

Now that a lot of the newer animals are only available to Zookeepers at the higher levels I am seeing more requests to borrow animals. I applaud my friends that are at a higher level, that have been at the game and put in more time than I to achieve their higher level. I also think it is awesome that these individuals are so kind and gracious to share “the fruits of their labor” with those of us that are at the lower levels.

I believe that if a person is willing to “loan” you an animal or animals that cost $2 Million dollars the least you could do is return the animals in a timely manner. If you do not know how to return multiple gifts then you really shouldn’t be asking for multiple animals to be gifted to you at one time.

Also, if you do not have the money to buy the newer highly- priced animals, you should not ask that they be loaned to you because you cannot "gift" an animal if you only own one. And if you accept an animal then cannot afford to buy another one, you will not be able to return the animal you just borrowed.

Last night I was reading the comments under one of my Zoomate’s post. She had loaned several of the newer animals to one of her “friends”. The friend then commented back that she was unable to send all the animals back that were loaned to her because of the gifting restrictions. I was furious, and they weren’t even my animals.

It is very easy to send / return multiple animals or gifts.

1. Once you receive the message from your friend that the animals have been sent, go to your Home Page (Click on Facebook logo in upper left corner).

2. Then go on the left side of that page, about a third of the way down and where you see “Requests” click “Show All”

3. Find the animals that your Friend has gifted to you.

4. Click “Accept Gift”

. ***VERY IMPORTANT - DO NOT CLICK “Send Thank You Gift Request”***

5. Under “Do you have more gifts to accept” Click “Yes”

6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you have accepted all of the gifted animals.

7. Next, go to your Zoo

8. Take the new animals out of Storage and place them on your Map

9. Next, Go to your Shop and buy 1 of each of the animals that you were just gifted

10. Now, open as many tabs/ windows as the animals that you were gifted. So if you were gifted 3 animals, open 3 new tabs/windows.

11. On each tab select the gifting application you want to use (ZooWorld, RockYouLive, HugMe, Horoscope, Birthday Cards, Likeness, etc.).

12. Go to the “Send Gift” page of that application

13. Click on “Limited Gift” on the upper Right side of the page.

14. Then find the animal that you need to gift back, select the animal, and then click “Send Gift”

15. Make sure the animal you need to send back is the animal pictured in the Gift Invitation

16. Find the name of the friend that sent you the animal

17. Select their name, then click “Send Gift Invitation” – WHEN THE NEXT SCREEN APPEARS DO NOT CLICK “SEND”

18. Go to the next window/tab and do follow the same steps selecting the next animal you need to send back, REMEMBER – DO NOT CLICK ON “SEND”

19. When you have all the gift invitations on each screen with the correct gift and the correct name that you need, then you can go to each screen and hit “Send” at the bottom the Gift Invitation.

This whole process should take about 5-10 minutes tops. If you are unsure, print out this note, or keep a screen open with this note open so you can follow the steps.

If you click “Send” on the invitation before selecting all the animals that need to be sent back on all of the tabs, you will have to wait 4 hours before you can send another gift to that friend. Someone nice enough to gift you several animals at one time should not have to wait 4 hours so you can gift the animals back one-by-one.

They definitely should not have to wait until you get finished breeding the animal they loaned you, that is unnecessary and just downright rude. Be kind and courteous and return the animals in a timely manner, it shows respect and appreciation and it builds invaluable trust.

Feel free to SHARE this note.

Happy Zooing Everyone!
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Borrowing and RETURNING Animals Rules
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